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Located in Southern California in the area known as the Inland Empire. Situated on 1,916 acres.

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The properties elevation ranges between 1,500 and 3,400 feet above sea level, and is surrounded on three sides by National Forest.

Arrowhead Springs is easily accessible from major freeways, within a two hour drive of over 20 million residents.

Known for its Natural Hot Springs, Native Americans, Early Settlers and Stars of Hollywood’s” Golden Age” were drawn to the healing waters.

In 1962 Dr. William R. Bright, founder of CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST, purchased the property as their International Headquarters - Now located in Orlando Florida.

A combination of domestic and hot water wells service the property along with year round streams.

Existing Building Area = 308,170 square feet

The existing Historic Hotel and swimming pool was built in 1939 and designed by architect Paul Williams. Both are heated by the natural geothermal springs.

The natural geologic formation of an Arrowhead on the mountainside measures approximately 1,375 feet in length and 449 feet in width, covering 7.5 acres.

The City of San Bernardino has adopted the Arrowhead Springs Specific Plan.


  • 1,350 homes including estates, condominiums, town homes, garden apartments, and senior retirement
  • Health Spa
  • 300 room new international hotel
  • 250,000 square feet corporate office complex
  • 18-hole public golf course and club house
  • Village shops and restaurants surrounding Lake Vonette
  • Outdoor theater for performing arts
  • 1400 acres for hiking, jogging, mountain biking and horseback riding

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